Straw-Coconut Erosion Blanket-CS-3

Extended Term Erosion Blanket CS-3 (15-24 Months)

Western Excelsior’s Straw-Coconut Erosion Blanket-CS-3 consists of a blended matrix of coconut fibers and straw. The matrix is composed of 30% coconut fibers and 70% certified weed free straw and is stitched between two nets. Excel CS-3 is available with photodegradable, synthetic (Regular) or biodegradable (All Natural) netting.

The Excel CS-3 ECB provides erosion control for a period of up to twenty-four months and serves as a mulching layer. Actual longevity depends on soil and climatic conditions. Available in a variety of roll sizes, Excel CS-3 provides reliable, economical erosion control, ideal for slope projects that would benefit from longer lasting erosion protection and improved mulching. Excel CS-3 is also recommended as a degradable liner for channel projects. Like all Western Excelsior products, Excel CS-3 is made in the USA and yields LEED credits for the end user