GeoTerra® GTO Construction Mat System

GeoTerra® GTO Construction Mat System

Create site access fast and easy with the GEOTERRA® GTO Construction Mat System from Presto Products– the safest portable construction mats – without the need for heavy equipment to deploy or install. Bolt connections make it easy to build mats the right size for access roads, work platforms and tracking pads, and the mats protect grass for temporary vehicle access. GEOTERRA mats are built with a high crush and flexural strength that supports heavy construction vehicles at 40-70% lower cost than heavier composite or timber mats – even over soft ground!

Key Applications

◊ Construction Access Roads

◊ Temporary Access for Construction Equipment

◊ Oil Drilling Roadways & Platforms

◊ Wind Farm Roadways & Staging Areas

◊ Heavy Vehicle & Equipment Storage

◊ Tower Construction Using Heavy Cranes

◊ Cemetery and Utility Access

◊ Helipads

◊ Field Turf & Lawn Protection