GeoTerra® Structural Mat System

The GEOTERRA® structural mat system is ideal as a ground-surface reinforcement layer to support loads over soft subgrades or for creating reinforced pavements in less-than-ideal environments.

Benefits of GeoTerra

♦ GEOTERRA® mats offer contractors a safer way to access sites without heavy equipment.

♦ One pallet covers 200 sf, equivalent to an 8 ft. wide x 25 ft. long access road.

♦ Strong mats made from weather-resistant recycled polyethylene.

♦ Mat sections are “locked” together with Padloc® connection devices.

♦ Great for transporting preassembled mats into sites.


Typical Applications

◊ Temporary or Permanent Use

◊ Access Roads over Soft Ground / Remote Locations

◊ Oil-drilling Platforms

◊ Construction Site Access

◊ Cemetery and Utility Access over Lawns

◊ Light-to-Heavy Equipment / Vehicle Storage

◊ Helipads

◊ Equipment / Vehicle Display at Expos and Special Events

◊ Emergency Site Access