GeoTerra® Construction Mats

GEOTERRA® Construction Mats are an ideal ground-surface reinforcement layer to support loads over soft subgrades or for creating reinforced pavements in less-than-ideal environments. A Portable, re-usable and more economical solution.


   Easier to Transport & Handle

GEOTERRA™ units are substantially lighter than timber or heavy composite mats and do not require special handling equipment such as cranes or other overhead machinery


   Equivalent to 12 inches of aggregate

Research at Kansas University verified GEOTERRA™ mats performed equivalent to 12 inches of crushed aggregate and they reduce rutting and offer easier clean-up, easier turf restoration and lower installation


   Faster, safer to install

GEOTERRA™ mats are fast to install onsite, or can be preassembled offsite for easy on site placement. They are safer than mats that require heaver overhead handling equipment


   Low environmental impact

GEOTERRA™ mats are made from recycled mater, conserving natural resources compared to timber and

Composite mats that require destruction of hundreds of acres of forest and higher resin use


   Weather resistant

GEOTERRA™ mats are made from HDPE and are highly weather resistant. Mats can be reused for additional savings as they will not rot or weather.


   More Economical

GEOTERRA™ mats are up to 70% more economical than alternative mats and are often the right mat for the job


   Design Flexibility, laydown versatility

GEOTERRA™ mats are compatible with other filter or drainage products. Their size allows cuscustom shaping the overall mat to meet site requirements, reduction costs.


   Porous surface allows water infiltration & exfiltration

The mats open surface allows water to pass through the mat, minimizing accumulation of water and resulting in saturated soils as well as harmful pore pressure build up. The open surface also allows inclusion of underlying drainage layers to capture and manage rainwater.


Typical Applications

◊ Temporary or Permanent Use

◊ Access Roads over Soft Ground / Remote Locations

◊ Oil-drilling Platforms

◊ Construction Site Access

◊ Cemetery and Utility Access over Lawns

◊ Light-to-Heavy Equipment / Vehicle Storage

◊ Helipads

◊ Equipment / Vehicle Display at Expos and Special Events

◊ Emergency Site Access