GeoRunner® Portable Turf Protection Mats

Portable Turf Protection for Light Vehicle Access

Drive over grass with light construction vehicles and equipment without damaging the turf with GEORUNNER® Portable Turf Protection Mats.  GEORUNNER mats help prevent deep rutting, soil compaction and turf damage that would require post-construction restoration.  They also bridge sandy areas to support light weight vehicles, wheel chairs and foot traffic.  For longer term use, the open cells allow water and light to reach the turf eliminating vegetation damage.  A better alternative to plywood, the mats are made from weather-resistant polymer that will not absorb water, are easy to clean and store, and will not rot or degrade.


Key Applications

♦ Construction Access over Turf

♦ Landscape Equipment & Vehicle Access over Lawns or Sandy Areas

♦ Barrier Free Access

♦ Concentrated Foot Traffic during Special Events

♦ Sports Fields Sidelines

♦ Storage Pads for Boats and Trailers


GeoRunner Unit Size:  2 ft. x 4 ft. (.6m x 1.2 m), 8 lbs (3.6 kg)


»Watch Video: Driving GeoRunner Anchors

»Watch Video: Connecting GeoRunner Sections Side to Side


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