GeoPave Aggregate Porous Pavement System

GeoPave Aggregate Porous Pavement System

Aggregate Pavers for Every Day Traffic


Reduce your site’s impervious surface, and reduce stormwater runoff with the GeoPave Aggregate Porous Pavement System.


The Presto GeoPave Aggregate Porous Pavement System is an economical solution, delivering long-term stability of the aggregate surface while acting as a natural on-site stormwater retention system. The GeoPave units hold open-graded aggregate in place through a unique herringbone cell pattern and monolithic mesh bottom. GEOPAVE paving units are designed for maximum load transfer and support, resistance to traffic stresses, maximum infill stabilization and stormwater storage.


Specify Geopave for Fire lanes, utility lanes, access roads, permeable parking, shoulders & medians, trails and walkways and driveways.


GeoPave Features and Advantages:

  • Performs to an HS-20 loading with minimal base.
  • Reduces overall installation costs by requiring far less depth of base than lighter-weight or rolled pavement systems.
  • Individual GEOPAVE units are sized for easy handling.
  • U-CLIPs are the strongest connection devices in the industry.
  • SNAP delineators mark parking spaces, drive lanes, center lines and other delineation with a yellow, diamond plate, non-skid surface.
  • Resists movement or breakage from vehicle turning stresses and torsional loads.
  • Meet green building goals and earn LEED credits.


Benefits of Geopave:

◊ High Load Distribution A shared wall system, strong connection clips and load-spreading mesh bottom (snow-shoe effect) offers an industry-high load transfer capability.

◊ Resistance to Torsional Loads A shared wall system and strong connection clips create a contiguous framework that resists movement or breakage from vehicle turning stresses and torsional loads.

◊ Resistance to Rutting Interconnected cell walls spread point loads across the paver system with minimal ‘flexing’, eliminating potential for concentrated drive lane rutting.

◊ Aggregate Containment A monolithic mesh bottom design keeps aggregate infill contained and prevents the ‘lifting’ effect from granular fill downward migration.

◊ Low Base Requirements Strong paver strength lowers installation costs by requiring less base depth than lighter-weight or rolled systems to achieve H-20 loading.


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