Erosion EEL™ Sediment Tubes

The Erosion EEL™ Sediment Tube is a highly effective sediment-control product used at construction sites to prevent suspended soils from contaminating area streams and wetlands during storm events. It is a sediment tube filled with effective filter ballast material, consisting of 100% shredded, recycled tire rubber. The Erosion EEL™ is used on any active construction site where soils have been disturbed. The eel is used in lieu of silt fencing, rock check dams, wattles, hay bales, gravel bags, and other conventional BMP items. The eel can be used for perimeter controls, check dams, and diversions berms.


– Available in 9.5” × 10” L

– Floc-mat also available – 4’ x 25’

– Other sizes available – special order