Dual Wall N-12 HDPE Pipe

The products in the N-12 family meet a variety of specifications. This product can be specified for culverts, cross drains, storm sewers, landfills, and other public and private construction.

Soil-tight joint: N-12 ST IB pipe, delivered with an integral bell and spigot joint, meets the most stringent soiltight requirements. The bell resists distortion, chipping, cracking, and exceeds ASTM F2306. The in-line bell design eliminates the need to dig bell holes in the trench. Joints are sealed by a factory-installed rubber gasket that meets all requirements of ASTM F477.

Watertight joint: The design is based on the flared bell and tapered spigot of N-12 ST IB pipe, with important differences. A patented gasket meeting ASTM F477 is factory installed into the spigot, increasing its sealing force as hydrostatic pressure increases. An exterior bell wrap provides a quick visual indicator to customers and inspectors that a watertight product is being used. The design meets or exceeds ASTM D3212 lab test and ASTM F2487 watertight field test requirements, and fills an essential role in complying with the stricter demands of EPA water quality guidelines.

For more information on the N-12 products or to discuss a specific application, contact your local CSI representative.