Aquashade™ Aquatic Plant Growth Control

Aquashade™ Aquatic Plant Growth Control is more than a colorant, it is an EPA Registered treatment for ponds and contained water courses. It is a precise blend of blue and yellow dyes that shade specific portions of the sunlight spectrum (red-orange and blue-violet) required by underwater aquatic plant and algae growth. This shading inhibits photosynthesis in young bottom growth and may prevent development altogether if the color is maintained throughout the early season.

Primarily effective in water deeper than two feet; floating plants such as lilies are unaffected by this product if they have already reached the surface. Use in conjunction with herbicides or agaecides for control of surface algae mats or shallow-water plants.

For use in contained lakes and ponds (ornamental, recreational, fish bearing/farming), both natural and manmade, with little or no outflow of water. Acceptable for use in swimming, animal and livestock drinking, irrigation, and fish consumption when used according to label. Not for use in drinking water.


Aquashade™ Aquashade™ Aquatic Plant Growth Control Advantages

◊ Inhibits photosynthesis under water

◊ EPA registered

◊ Most effective in water deeper than two feet

◊ Use in conjunction with other herbicides or algaecides for control of surface algae mats or shallow-water plants


To Apply Aquashade™

Application – Pour directly into water – Dispersion can be accelerated by applying in several areas around the treatment site, or allowing fountains/aerators to run – For best results, apply early in the season, prior to plant germination

  • Available in 1 Gallon gallon container
  • Active ingredient: 12.60% Acid Blue 9 and 1.04% Acid Yellow 23
  • Dosing rates vary by water depth between 20 and 80 ounces per acre-ft.
  • Apply directly from container
  • EPA Registered

Use Aquashade to Control the following plants:

•Leafy Pondweed


•Slender Naiad



•Filamentous Green Algae

•Filamentous Bluegreen Algae



US EPA Registration No. 33068-1