7 oz Untreated Burlap-Tree Protection

7 oz Untreated Burlap-Tree Protection

Keep plants, Trees and shrubs protected from the harsh Michigan Winters with our 7 oz untreated burlap-tree protection


Burlap fabric is an easy way to protect newly planted or trees planted late in the season. Young trees have under-developed root systems and become vulnerable to our cold winter climate. Our untreated burlap rolls are made from jute fabric and are completely biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Our 7 oz Untreated Burlap-Tree Protection has a variety of uses including:

◊Storing vegetation

◊Wrapping Root balls

◊Protect plants from winter cold

◊Protect from winter sun scald

◊Tree & Shrub Protection

◊Snow and Salt Protection

◊Deer Protection


-Available  in many sizes to help cover the largest of shrubs

-Also available in a heavier 10 oz. material (special order)

-4 sizes to choose from

Available Roll Sizes:

3′ x 300′

4′ x 300′

5′ x 300′

6′ x 300′

*Also available in 10 oz treated and un-treated by special order (approx. 3-5 day lead time)

*7 oz treated burlap is also available by special order


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