Stormwater Management

Using the correct stormwater management products on your project can play a large role in protecting our fresh water supply. CSI Geoturf offers a wide range of products to ensure you have all the water management tools you need.

Culvert Sliplining

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Culvert rehabilitation is typically much faster and easier than removing and replacing the old culvert, particularly where there are deep fills or where trenching would cause extensive traffic disruptions. Generally, deteriorated culverts are rehabilitated by inserting a rigid-wall or flexible liner pipe using a pulling head or other equipment.

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    • May 10

      New Site Launch

      CSI Geoturf is proud to announce the arrival of our new website. The site, created by Basso Design Group, creates a welcoming look by implementing strong imagery and design. This new look and feel is a direct representation of the high quality products that we provide at CSI Geoturf. The new website makes it easier…