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CSI Geoturf has been a leading supplier and manufacturer of cutting-edge, cost-effective geosynthetic and turfgrass solutions since 1983. We strive each day to exceed our customer's expectations by providing more than just products from our strategically located Michigan-based facilities. Although our unparalleled customer service is important, having the right product and the knowledge to apply it is equally critical to the success of your project. We are dedicated to being a resource for the products you need, the knowledge to use them and the service you deserve.


Knowledge is One of Our Best Products

Bringing knowledge to the table! When you call CSI Geoturf to place an order you know what you want and how to apply it. But for those times you don’t our staff is willing and ready to assist you with selecting the best solution available. That is why we created the Geoturf Training Initiative. This in-house series of product/application training classes provides our team members and you with the most up to date information and the reliable guidance to apply it. We do not stop there. Through our Geoturf University “Seminar Series”, we transfer all that product knowledge and expertise to you. Throughout the year you can attend any of our seminars in our industry best classroom events or we will bring it to you.


Fibermesh 150 Synthetic Fiber

Expressly formulated to address early age cracking problems, Fibermesh micro-synthetic fibers prevent 80 -100% of all cracks in the plastic state - precisely when most cracks occur. During the plastic settlement phase, the fibers create a three-dimensional support network that resists the downward pull of gravity, thus keeping aggregates in suspension and promoting uniform bleeding. This network increases the tensile strain capacity of concrete during the plastic shrinkage phase as well.

Primary Applications:

Applicable to all types of concrete which demonstrate a need for resistance to intrinsic cracking and improved water tightness and an aesthetic finish.

  • Residential & Light Commercial
  • Overlays / toppings
  • Slab on Grade
  • Driveways / sidewalks / curbs
  • Precast
  • Stucco

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